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The Inferno Operating System: You're soaking in it!

I always thought that commercial was a little creepy.

“You’re soaking in it!” The lady pulls her hand out of what she has just been informed is dishwashing liquid, and then Madge pushes her hand back in. Maybe it’s just me, you be the judge.

When I tell people about the Inferno/VNC hack hack I did a couple of years ago, the reaction has been interesting, and approximately evenly split between these two sentiments:

I was astonished! QEMU has a built-in VNC server, for example. And there’s a VNC roulette that randomly connects you to unprotected VNC sessions across the internet. It’d have to be at least somewhat widespread for all those open VNC sessions to exist. I use it a lot, personally.

The Inferno/VNC is was a ridiculous pile of hacks, balanced precariously. So why not add another layer? Like noVNC, which is a client that works in the browser.

That’s right. No installing a VNC client, just click on a link: Inferno: You’re soaking in it!

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