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This site

This site is my blog, mostly about code, and the place where I collect code I've written.

It's written in Ruby, and runs on Unicorn behind Lighttpd. The application is written atop Watts and uses Hoshi.

The author

My name is Pete Elmore. I'm a coder living in Southern California. I'm a language wonk, and am very interested in Forth- and Lisp-like languages, as well as some more esoteric languages. I've written two languages, Cha and Pez. (Eventually, I'll get around to finishing and releasing Cha; don't hold your breath, though.)

I've also been doing Ruby for a long time. It's a fun language, and I've released a few gems, which I've kept small. They're on GitHub and More recently, I've been doing a lot of Limbo and Go, which are both very well-designed and productive languages.

I'm also a pretty big fan of C, Unix, Inferno and Plan 9. I typically run CRUX on most of my machines, and do most of my actual computing in Inferno, which is great for cross-platform distributed computing, and is a very nice development environment besides. When I get the chance, I also play with Haiku (a BeOS clone).