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An unordered, incomplete list of projects I'm working on or have worked on. I have a Github page, one on Bitbucket, and this page is a small list of projects in various states.

A lot of the projects I wrote and use look somewhat inactive. I don't fix bugs that aren't there, and I have a minimalist streak, so a lot of the things I still use and maintain may look inactive. Combining that with my regrettable historical tendency to version things very conservatively, and you have a project at 0.1.3 that no one has heard of that hasn't been updated in two years (because it hasn't needed to be) but runs in production. In general, my philosophy is that if it is tiny and looks more like a boxcutter than a Swiss Army knife, then I can maintain it myself.

A lot of it is Ruby, due to the fact that I usually do Ruby at work. Some of it's old, some of it's new.

Again, the list is not really complete. It represents code I've released publicly that I was able to remember or find in a list when I made this page up. In particular, it omits things I did for work that never got open-sourced, trivial patches I submitted to other projects, code I wrote at home or haven't published for whatever reason, and code that isn't in a usable state yet.

Code that I still use

Code that was just for fun

Code that I don't work on (for now)

Code that I have handed over