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Hoshi: First-class views in Ruby

Hoshi is a library for doing simple, first-class HTML (or XML) views in Ruby. It is more or less based on Markaby by the late, great, venerable, and sorely missed _why.

There are some pretty important differences, mainly that Hoshi is somewhat simpler and tags do not have as convenient a syntax. There's a good reason for this: it's easier to use, easier to implement, and it's an expression of a different design philosophy. While Markaby encouraged nearly a 1:1 relationship between the Ruby and the HTML and succeeded in making it convenient, it felt a lot like a nicer ERB to me. Hoshi's goal is to allow for well-factored Ruby code to generate valid HTML.

You can read a little more about what I mean, or you can browse or check out the code, or just "gem install hoshi" and start playing.

There are a number of examples in doc/examples in the codebase if you'd just like a crash course.

Incidentally, this page (like the rest of the site) was generated in Hoshi.