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New Danged Blog

After living with a static dump of the blog for a long time,
and with some partially pathological software running it before
that, I’ve just rewritten the whole thing using Watts , Hoshi , and
Sequel .

It should be the case that I start updating this thing a
little more. The code is really simple, the blog is really
fast (seriously, I’ve not hit a rendering time approaching
0.01 seconds yet), and so there should no longer be this big
mental wall between me and posting.

Well, it’s not quite as fast as the static dump of the old page,
but I won’t be too picky here.

I didn’t even really change how things looked, except that I’ve
put the rounded corners back and added a sidebar, which…uh…
I may take these out, but there are “tags” now. I’m not sure
how I feel about that; I may take them away.

Tags: site-news

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